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Adrian Berry’s acclaimed production tells the tale of a young David Bowie obsessive

Martin is a boy with problems - an illness no-one understands and a head full of sound and vision. So when an unexpected gift arrives on his birthday, Martin embarks on a thrilling journey in the footsteps of his obsession, leading him to discover some long-hidden truths about himself. What follows will change his life forever...

Powerful and touching, music and magic realism collide in this darkly funny and moving production featuring Alex Walton and the voice of comedian Rob Newman as David Bowie.


With a blistering soundtrack, the life of the pop fan is dissected in this tale of unnatural teenage wildlife

'Accomplished, engaging, Alex Walton shines'  The Telegraph (Critic's Choice) 

'It's done with love... sends you back to the music with renewed joy' The Times





Photo: Ben Hopper

'Unmissable, emotional...perfection' 

Everything Theatre  ★★★★★

'A touching Bowie oddity, compelling, sharply observed, impressive conviction & believable'  

The Guardian ★★★★

'Understands the poignant, personal nature of true fandom, tender, funny and beautifully observed' Exeunt Magazine 

"A blazing and deeply moving performance" Manchester Theatre Awards 

'A faultless performance, fantastic, wonderful, clever' Theatre Full Stop 

"A fascinating tour-de-force, intelligently written and superbly performed"

British Theatre Guide ★★★★

'A must-see, and not just for Bowie connects on so many levels, an emotional journey. You’ve shared something of Berry’s soul and you’ll be the better person for the experience' ★★★★

Theatre News

'Berry has created this compelling & heartbreaking narrative....joyfully hilarious... keeps you hooked the whole time. Completely beautiful and moving'

A Younger Theatre ★★★★★

'In this haunting and beautifully delivered one man production, Adrian Berry has put together an amazing story of one boy’s journey from everything he knows out into the wide world in search of his dream' 

London Theatre One ★★★★★

'Adrian Berry’s tender, tentative play...riveting, packed full of restless energy. Alex Walton gives an intimate, intensely vulnerable performance'

The Stage ★★★★

"A poignant, mesmerising performance. There were tears. Sheer beauty, I felt my universe had shifted, and the stars look very different today"

Lucy Loves Circus ★★★★★

‘Unexpected, inventive & subtly incisive’

Musical Theatre Review ★★★★

"Excellent, moving, a refreshing and much-needed production"

Arts Scene Wales ★★★★

'An enthralling hour of theatre in atmospheric surroundings that will blow your minds' Mind the Blog


'A melodious and emotional pilgrimage peppered with lots of dark laughs, Berry’s show reminds us how important our musical heroes can be" The Upcoming


'Alex Walton is captivating. A lament on behalf of the lost and the lonely'

The Reviews Hub ★★★★

'Walton pulls out all the stops. A fine meditation on a great man' London City Nights ★★★★

'Moving and touching, it blew me away. I cried my eyes out. You forget you're in a theatre, and you can't ask for much more than that' BBC London Live 


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